Nov. 12th, 2009

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Title: Bedroom Window
Originally Posted: March 1, 2009
Characters: Ben, Kevin
Rating PG-13
Summary: This wasn't quite how Ben was going to tell his parents about Kevin.
Length: 2,098 words
Disclaimer: Ben 10: Alien Force belongs to Cartoon Network.
Warnings: Innuendo courtesy Mexican food.
A/N: I really like this one. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I think it's because I got to write some Tennyson family interaction. I love Ben's parents.

A sequel based off the line from Cold Bedroom: “The bedroom window might be a little too romantic for Kevin’s tastes.”

Cheese is Good and Fluffy )


November 12, 2009: I still kinda like this one. Even if it's cheesy fluff of cotton candy sugar. The Mexican Food Exchange is one of my favorite little segments I've ever written.
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Title: Muffler Make Out
Originally Posted: March 3, 2009
Characters: Kevin, Ben, Ship, Julie, and Gwen
Rating: PG-16/T+ for language and somewhat raunchy fantasies and smoochings
Length: 3,961 words
Summary: Ben decides to find out why Kevin is always working on his car. Kevin works on his car so much so he can daydream about Ben. Julie snoops around. Ship hitches a ride to Mr. Smoothy and beyond. Gwen develops new powers, but does she use them for good?
Warnings: Voyeurism. Invasion of privacy. Mind-reading/manipulation.
Disclaimer: Disclaimed.
Author's Notes: This thing started out as an idea [ profile] saiika_von_maou and I bounced around. She didn’t have time to write it, so she let me have at it. It started out as a short thing: Kevin under his car, Ben walking in on him, lulz and hotness ensues. That was the plan. It grew into this. Saiika let me borrow Gwen’s mind reading powers that she created. Which is good, because those things come in handy.

Oh, and I told saiika it was two pages longer than anything else I have written. I lied. It’s two TIMES longer than anything else I have written. About ten pages in Microsoft Word, single spaced.

I think my favorite word in here is “viridescent.”

Muffler Make Out )

November 12, 2009: Making Kevin shriek is still fun. Gwen screwing with people's heads is funny once you get over the invasion of privacy thing.
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I'm blaming an icon I made for this plot bunny:

Title: One Heck of a Ring
Originally Posted: March 8, 2009
Rating: T, for implied Ship/Kevin’s car. XD
Words: 2241
Characters: Ben, Kevin, Gwen, Julie, Ship, Sandra, Carl, Frank, Verdona, Ken, and Gwen’s mom whose name I do not remember.
Summary: Birthday presents aren’t usually picked out by their recipients. Only Kevin could manage this hijink.
Disclaimer: I do not own Ben 10: Alien Force, any of its characters, or any of its settings.

I do take full responsibility for this plot since a LiveJournal icon I made inspired it. And the idea would not leave my brain. Although the original icon was a bit flashier than what shows up here because the icon was impulsive and this was actually thought out.

WARNING: Reading this will make you feel like you are inhaling cotton candy laced with crack. Proceed at your own risk! Also, there be boy-lovings. Don’t come bitchin’ to me when your OTP isn’t fulfilled by my writing. I’m sure someone else has written it for you already. Ship/Kevin’s car is my OTP, and no one’s written them at all. XD


November 12, 2009: I think I was on something when I wrote this. Probably fluffles.
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I really want to know what happens after the finale, so I’m writing out my own version of post-epic battle events, but with Ben’s first set of Alien Force aliens. I’m using the old aliens mainly because I don’t trust myself to create new, believable aliens with cool names. Oh, and one more thing: I’m totally trying to make sense out of the movie sneak peek and pictures and rumors. As in, Kevin’s car, Ben’s motorcycle, that warehouse, the zombies, and the leather. Elena is getting chopped though. I’m still pissed it wasn’t Albedo.

Title: Zombie Swarm
Originally Posted: March 30, 2009
Rating: PG (for now)
Characters: Ben, Kevin, Max, Gwen, Pierce, Helen, Manny, Cooper, Alan
Words: 2,545
Summary: Cleaning up after the Highbreed invasion, something rather odd happens.
Disclaimer: I don't own this stuff. I'm just making my favorite characters deal with a zombie uprising for the lulz.
Warnings: Kevin uses some version of the f-word a couple times. I think that's it. Oh, and this is my first multi-chapter whatever, and I'm just making it up as I go along. Bear with me and my loose ends.

Enter The Matrix )

November 12, 2009: Not a great first chapter, but I really do love the rest.

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