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The AU Challenge from way back long time ago was won by [livejournal.com profile] the_resurrector. She requested I write a fic. Involving Ben & Kevin babysitting little aliens. Well, I got them babysitting one little alien. It was a strange concept for me to grasp, so I just went for broke and cracked out the crack. [livejournal.com profile] pan2dapan, I’m using that email idea you had. Yes, that one. Also from a really long time ago.

Title: klemail
Originally Posted: November 10, 2009
Rating: PG
Words: 1,743
Characters: Kevin, Ben, little Stevie, Lu, Com
Summary: Kevin checks his email. He responds via flashback.
Warnings: Fluffles, little alien kids, and girly screaming.
Disclaimer: Ben 10: Alien Force © Man of Action and Cartoon Network. Strongbad Emails & associated ideas and concepts © homestarrunner.com and creators. Cheesy Poofs from South Park.
Author’s Notes: I'm imitating an internet cartoon, but since I can't draw or animate, you get a text version. This is the kookiest writing style I've ever tried. It was fun!

Adventures in Babysitting This-a-Way )

January 24, 2010: Forgot to update this when I was archiving the first time through.
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I'm blaming an icon I made for this plot bunny:

Title: One Heck of a Ring
Originally Posted: March 8, 2009
Rating: T, for implied Ship/Kevin’s car. XD
Words: 2241
Characters: Ben, Kevin, Gwen, Julie, Ship, Sandra, Carl, Frank, Verdona, Ken, and Gwen’s mom whose name I do not remember.
Summary: Birthday presents aren’t usually picked out by their recipients. Only Kevin could manage this hijink.
Disclaimer: I do not own Ben 10: Alien Force, any of its characters, or any of its settings.

I do take full responsibility for this plot since a LiveJournal icon I made inspired it. And the idea would not leave my brain. Although the original icon was a bit flashier than what shows up here because the icon was impulsive and this was actually thought out.

WARNING: Reading this will make you feel like you are inhaling cotton candy laced with crack. Proceed at your own risk! Also, there be boy-lovings. Don’t come bitchin’ to me when your OTP isn’t fulfilled by my writing. I’m sure someone else has written it for you already. Ship/Kevin’s car is my OTP, and no one’s written them at all. XD


November 12, 2009: I think I was on something when I wrote this. Probably fluffles.
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This little diddly was written in chunks. 1) The main idea, as it hit me in class, which leads to 2) the beginning of this here, typed starting at 11pm. At 12, Midnight Madness struck and you get 3) absolute cracktastic-ness, which lasted until 1am, at which point everything evolves to 4) a sudden fifteen-minute splurge of nosebleeding what the fuckery, which is crackier than crack. At 1:15 everything degenerated back to 5) more crack. See the a/n at the end for more details.

Title: It's All Gwen's Fault!
Originally Posted: October 21, 2008
Characters: Ben, Kevin, Gwen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,445
Disclaimer: Ben 10: Alien Force was created by Man of Action and belongs to Cartoon Network. I'm only borrowing it to pass time in English class.
Summary: Gwen's being a silly bum. She apparently thinks putting Ben in a dress will entice Kevin into snogging Ben senseless. Crack!fic.
Warnings: cross-dressing. Oh dear God, why did I write this?

It's All Gwen's Fault )

November 9, 2009: GRRARGH! I think I want to burn this. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! It sucks so much. The Redundant Department of Redundancy apparently visited me that day. Along with the crack fairy.

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