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Nov. 17th, 2009 02:31 pm
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For [ profile] killianbones (aka ~Deitlinde) as a part of the [ profile] ben10_x_kevin11 gift exchange :3.
The request was: "Violence/lots of action? 8D" followed up by "I MUST KNOW WHAT I AM DESTROYING. VILGAX? GWEN? PIRATES? DNALIENS? 8D" and then "SHDUSOIFLF OH MY GOD PIRATES HELL TO THE YEAH. That would be some epic shit right there. Spacepiratesffffff<333333 I lol'd at Gwen."

So you get this. Muahaha.

Title: SPACEPIRATES! Flying Far
Originally Posted: April 23, 2009
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Ben Tennyson, Kevin Levin, Gwen Tennyson, Mike Morningstar, Manny, Alan Albright, various aliens
Words: 2,813
Summary: SPACEPIRATES! Captain Benjamin Tennyson, his first mate Kevin Levin, and their motley crew of aliens decide a raid is in order.
Warnings: Pirates like to swear a lot when they're drunk.
I’m totally stealing the “Treasure Planet” concept of the Etherium (“an outer space filled with atmosphere”). Cuz having actual pirate ships is cooler than boring old Mega Cruisers.

Um… I tried to use actual nautical terms. Please to be using Wikipedia if you get confused.

I think I kind of failed on the violence. But I tried to make up for it by writing awesome piratey goodness and describing the awesometasticness that is sailing a galleon. In outer space.

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life For Me! )

November 17, 2009: There's a few things I would like to change in this, but overall, I just love it. AUs have a special place in my heart.
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I'm blaming an icon I made for this plot bunny:

Title: One Heck of a Ring
Originally Posted: March 8, 2009
Rating: T, for implied Ship/Kevin’s car. XD
Words: 2241
Characters: Ben, Kevin, Gwen, Julie, Ship, Sandra, Carl, Frank, Verdona, Ken, and Gwen’s mom whose name I do not remember.
Summary: Birthday presents aren’t usually picked out by their recipients. Only Kevin could manage this hijink.
Disclaimer: I do not own Ben 10: Alien Force, any of its characters, or any of its settings.

I do take full responsibility for this plot since a LiveJournal icon I made inspired it. And the idea would not leave my brain. Although the original icon was a bit flashier than what shows up here because the icon was impulsive and this was actually thought out.

WARNING: Reading this will make you feel like you are inhaling cotton candy laced with crack. Proceed at your own risk! Also, there be boy-lovings. Don’t come bitchin’ to me when your OTP isn’t fulfilled by my writing. I’m sure someone else has written it for you already. Ship/Kevin’s car is my OTP, and no one’s written them at all. XD


November 12, 2009: I think I was on something when I wrote this. Probably fluffles.
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Title: Bedroom Window
Originally Posted: March 1, 2009
Characters: Ben, Kevin
Rating PG-13
Summary: This wasn't quite how Ben was going to tell his parents about Kevin.
Length: 2,098 words
Disclaimer: Ben 10: Alien Force belongs to Cartoon Network.
Warnings: Innuendo courtesy Mexican food.
A/N: I really like this one. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I think it's because I got to write some Tennyson family interaction. I love Ben's parents.

A sequel based off the line from Cold Bedroom: “The bedroom window might be a little too romantic for Kevin’s tastes.”

Cheese is Good and Fluffy )


November 12, 2009: I still kinda like this one. Even if it's cheesy fluff of cotton candy sugar. The Mexican Food Exchange is one of my favorite little segments I've ever written.
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Some backstory: I originally planned this for [ profile] slashben10's "Cold" challenge, but I got writer's block in the first paragraph (FAIL) and didn't make the deadline. DA's BeVinplz club, however, had another contest going, themed on "Winter," so I found some inspiration and finished it. Namely, watching "Grounded" on TV last night. Ben's mom calling Kevin a 'ruffian' wouldn't get out of my head, so here it found an outlet. I love the ending. I'll never live up to it.

Title: Cold Bedroom
Originally Posted: January 9, 2009
Characters: Ben & Kevin, some Sandra & Carl
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,868
Disclaimer: Ben 10: Alien Force belongs to Cartoon Network, not to me.
Summary: Ben's bedroom is cold. Kevin enjoys winter weather. A little thought leads to a little decision.
Warnings: Semi-Creeper!Kevin. Implied romantic behavior, the nature of which is really up to you.

Brr, It's Cold In Here, There Must Be Some Fic In The Atmosphere )

November 10, 2009: I won a contest with this? Oh wait... everything else was art. I guess I can see a one-shot overtaking doodles. I always preferred fanfic to fanart anyway.
As to Sandra, she's that crazy neo-hippie mom that lets Ben get away with almost everything. She and Carl raised him to be independent and open-minded and such, so her being happy Ben has a boyfriend is completely plausible in my view.
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This little diddly was written in chunks. 1) The main idea, as it hit me in class, which leads to 2) the beginning of this here, typed starting at 11pm. At 12, Midnight Madness struck and you get 3) absolute cracktastic-ness, which lasted until 1am, at which point everything evolves to 4) a sudden fifteen-minute splurge of nosebleeding what the fuckery, which is crackier than crack. At 1:15 everything degenerated back to 5) more crack. See the a/n at the end for more details.

Title: It's All Gwen's Fault!
Originally Posted: October 21, 2008
Characters: Ben, Kevin, Gwen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,445
Disclaimer: Ben 10: Alien Force was created by Man of Action and belongs to Cartoon Network. I'm only borrowing it to pass time in English class.
Summary: Gwen's being a silly bum. She apparently thinks putting Ben in a dress will entice Kevin into snogging Ben senseless. Crack!fic.
Warnings: cross-dressing. Oh dear God, why did I write this?

It's All Gwen's Fault )

November 9, 2009: GRRARGH! I think I want to burn this. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! It sucks so much. The Redundant Department of Redundancy apparently visited me that day. Along with the crack fairy.

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